Cam1 Might Become Your Family’s Favorite Phone

Cam1 Might Become Your Family’s Favorite Phone


The Cam1 phone from Imaginarium was made with both kids and their parents in mind.

The design itself is notable. It easily lets small hands wrap around it, the better to hang on to. The preset buttons are color-coded and can be programmed by you. The control wheel is separate and raised a bit, so little thumbs can easily play, pause, and stop their favorite tunes or look at their favorite photos.

Yes, the Cam1 has both an MP3 player and a camera, a 2-megapixel one at that. The viewscreen is rather small but still usable. It allows SMS as well as text.

The most parent-friendly feature of this latest product from Spanish toymaker Imaginarium is the GPRS tracking capability. You can instantly discover, through the magic of the satellites that orbit the planet, exactly where on Earth your child is at any given moment.

Movistar, a Spanish carrier, will release the Cam1 this summer, with a price tag of about USR130. You can see a prototype at 3GSM.