Broadband-Anywhere PC Card Supports Mac OS X

Broadband-Anywhere PC Card Supports Mac OS X


This is quite simply a stunning product. It’s a Broadband PC Card for notebooks from Sony Ericsson, and it allows you to connect via EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA, or UMTS.

That’s a powerful foursome of connectivity options. Throw in a download speed of up to 3.6 Mbps, and you have one super-flexible and powerful device.

The card fits in your notebook’s PC Card slot with a 10mm external antenna.

The specs say that the Sony Ericsson PC300 works with Mac OS X. That’s significant considering the lack of any type of wireless data cards for Mac Notebooks, unfortunately the latest Mac Books use an ExpressCard slot which is 34mm wide. You would have to be sportin an old PowerBook with 54mm PC Card, or your run of the mill PC Notebook should do you just fine. No price yet, look for it this fall.