Sun Visor Theater is a Drop Down Mobile Entertainment System

Sun Visor Theater is a Drop Down Mobile Entertainment System


Coming in first in the How Many Features Can You Pack into a Car Accessory contest, is the Sun Visor Theater, a complete multimedia suite that hides itself when your passenger is actually watching the road ahead.

When that sun visor is turned down, however, it sports an extremely complicated combination of functionality, including a widescreen 7-inch LCD video display that can play DVDs and tune in TV stations. Assuming that you want just audio, you can use that DVD drive to play CDs or just plug in your MP3 player.

But wait, there’s just so much more. The Sun Visor Theater has a USB port and even an SD slot, for a whole lot of connectivity and storage options in the palm of your hand—which, incidentally, will likely be holding the wireless remote control, so don’t lose it.

Should your passenger wish not to distract the driver or anyone else in the vehicle, he or she can plug in headphones and keep the audio and/or video to him- or herself.

Despite all of that functionality, the Sun Visor Theater is priced rather reasonably, at US$299.95. Given that it’s in the sometimes flimsy housing of a sun visor, though, you might want to opt for the warranty, which costs an extra US$45 a year.