QRAE II Mobile Toxic Gas Sniffer Keeps You Safe

QRAE II Mobile Toxic Gas Sniffer Keeps You Safe


When you find yourself in the garage with the car engine idle, or perhaps an industrial work site, you can never be too sure as to what chemicals may be lurking about. And this is where RAE steps in with their QRAE II. It is being touted as the first four-gas portable toxic gas monitor to have a RoHS compliant, lead-free oxygen sensor. With this reasonably compact handheld device, you can “identify safety and security threats in real time.”

The sensors found in this package include those for sniffing out oxygen, combustible materials, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. The QRAE II has been certified to work in hazardous environments like “oil refineries, petrochemical plants, steel mills… and other confined space entry operations.”

Available alone or as part of a confined space entry kit, the QRAE II can be purchased for as little as $395 for a single sensor unit, but the mac-daddy four gas sensor model will run you $645.