Five Things I Want to See in the Next-Gen Nintendo DS

Five Things I Want to See in the Next-Gen Nintendo DS


There are rumors a float that Nintendo is already working on the successor to the current Nintendo DS Lite. It’s unclear if this is simply another “upgrade” like how the Lite went smaller and brighter than the DS Phat, or if it’s a whole new platform altogether. Whether it is the former or the latter, there are plenty of things that Nintendo can improve upon when they come up with their next-generation portable video game machine. Here are five I’d like them to consider:

1. Dual touchscreens. This would only apply to a whole new system, but if one touchscreen can be this much fun, imagine how much more fun two screens could be. Then again, it might be a little too gimmicky.

2. Volume buttons. I dislike the lack of precision provided by the current volume slider. As much as I like my DS Lite over my PSP, the latter wins with volume buttons. Which also brings me to…

3. In-game brightness control. Why is that the only place where I can adjust the brightness on my DS Lite is in the main menu before starting any sort of game? What if I were in the middle of a game outside and then stepped inside? The result is a blindingly bright screen that I need dimmed. I don’t want to shut ‘er down every time, you know?

4. Analog triggers. They make for good fun on the GameCube, so why not on a portable?

5. High resolution. I don’t need great graphics to enjoy a game, but they certainly don’t hurt. The risk we take by going with higher resolutions, of course, is that battery life will suffer considerably. Hopefully Nintendo can find some sort of middle ground on the issue and shorten the gap between the graphical prowess of the PSP and the “can’t display anything realistic” DS.