MP3 Players Not Exactly Compatible with Windows Vista

MP3 Players Not Exactly Compatible with Windows Vista


Yes, this is exactly what Microsoft wants: an issue with one of the most popular portable electronics on the planet. Turns out that several digital music players “are not functioning well with Microsoft Corp.’s new operating software.” many MP3 models, including those produced by Samsung, are “incompatible with Windows Vista.”

Among the models affected is the Samsung YP-20, which is “not being recognized on the Vista-established personal computers,” according to a Samsung company representative. Other companies having issues with Vista include Reigncom (iRiver), Cowon, and even Apple. Yes, iPods may not “function properly” in a Vista-based environment.

The current marketing campaign may tell us that Vista will “Wow” us, but if this report is to be believed, it’s not the good kind of wow.

In related news, Apple’s iTunes is still not gauranteed to work with new Vista systems: “iTunes 7.0.2 may work with Windows Vista on many typical PCs. Apple recommends, however, that customers wait to upgrade Windows until after the next release of iTunes which will be available in the next few weeks.” Said an Apple advisory to customers.