Cellular-Book Rollable Display Mobile Device Unveiling at 3GSM

Cellular-Book Rollable Display Mobile Device Unveiling at 3GSM


Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision have reached an agreement to manufacture a rollable display device for the mobile market in 2007.

The device is based on the Readius concept designed by Polymer Vision, they will show the “Cellular-Book” at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on February 12th. Its main purpose is to read newspapers, books and personal data.

Cellular-Book is smaller then a standard mobile phone, it sports a 5-inch screen that rolls out and displays 16 grey-levels on a high contrast, reflective light paper display by Polymer Vision. Since there is no back-lighting it cannot be read in the dark, but they say it works in bright sunlight. Rather then rolling out the screen as we would expect with this technology, the Cellular-Reader unfolds from a set of three hinges which expands the display to its maximum size of 5-inches.

Data will be sent out via TIM’s mobile network to the Cellular-Book via EDGE/UMTS. No word on price, but Italy gets the 4GB wonder-book first, obviously.

Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision announce the “CELLULAR-BOOK”

The First mobile device with rollable display for reading personal information, newspapers and books

TELECOM ITALIA through TIM will co-develop and market in Italy the world’s first rollable display enabled personal device for digital content distribution while Polymer Vision will market the device in the rest of the world

Rome – Eindhoven – February 5, 2007 – Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision today announced an agreement which will see the leading operator of the Italian mobile industry and the pioneers of the rollable display industry join to develop and launch the world’s first rollable display enabled mobile device to market in 2007.

The innovative terminal will be presented to the Industry as a world first at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona from February12th (booth in Hall 2, D 06). The device uses the unique Polymer Vision rollable display technology which enables mobile devices to incorporate a display larger than the handset itself and offers a readability similar to printed paper. The product follows up on the rollable display technology based concept device Readius presented by Polymer Vision less than 18 months ago at the IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Fair in Berlin.

While smaller than a typical mobile phone, the new device features a display which extends up to 5-inches and may simply be stored away after use by folding it, thanks to the flexibility of the polymer based display material. The device features the largest display available in the industry for the same form factor, the 16 grey levels combined with a high contrast and high reflectivity display for paper like reading experience enables comfortable reading, even in bright sunlight. Future developments include colour and moving image capable display.

The rollable display enables reading entire newspapers as well as books that can be delivered and bought through TIM’s mobile network via a regular SIM Card within the device – and then stored in the terminal’s memory which will be extremely large (starting from 4 Gigabytes available in the first models).

Combined with TIM’s mobile services, the device will permit instant access to personalised data, e-mail, news, information feeds and location sensitive maps wherever and whenever. The always-on user experience is made possible through an optimised combination of cellular (EDGE/UMTS) and broadcast (DVB-H IP data-casting) mobile functionalities as well as a mini-USB slot for PC and wired/wireless broadband data connection.

Together with superior text and graphic content, the new device will also download and play music, audiobooks and audio podcasts. Featuring single-handed navigation and control via an innovative touch sensitive LED user interface, as well as intuitively simple software, users will enjoy a new unique experience in managing, accessing relevant and personalized high value content. With the extremely low power consumption of the display, the new device will deliver an exceptional 10 days of average usage time between battery charges.

Telecom Italia will exclusively market the innovative terminal in Italy.