Sony Says I Love You with VAIO VGN-C290 in Pink

Sony Says I Love You with VAIO VGN-C290 in Pink


Inevitably, the topic of Valentine’s Day is going to come up in this post, so I’m not going to make too much of an effort to avoid falling into that money-grabbing pit. They may say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if you have a gadget-loving girlfriend like I do (I’m so proud), she might better appreciate this Sony VGN-C290 laptop wrapped in a pink casing. It’s got all those latest innovations like a Core 2 Duo processor (up to the 2.33GHz T7600) and an “energy-saving 13.3-inch widescreen LCD display with XBRITE-ECO technology.”

The rest of the specs — in case she’s interested — jump through the usual hoops we all know and love including integrated WiFi, extended battery life, a 5400rpm SATA drive (from 60GB to 160GB), 1GB to 2GB of RAM, and an optional DVD burner. Naturally, it runs on Vista too: your choice of Business or Home Premium. If you’re feeling a little thrifty, Sony can also outfit this customizable laptop with a Celeron M 440 or regular Core Duo T2060 instead.

In addition to Blush Pink, the five-pound Sony VGN-C290 is also available in Espresso Black, Glacier Blue, Seashell Silver, Spring Green, and — for the not so adventurous — Urban Gray.