Nike Hatphone: All Nano, No Phone

Nike Hatphone: All Nano, No Phone


When’s the last time you bought a hat like this with a US$60 price tag? Try never?

Well, you might be changing your mind soon, because this is the Nike Hatphone. Now that you’ve stopped drooling over the last five letters of Hatphone, listen to this: This handsome hat, for the time being anyway, has nothing to do with taking or receiving calls. It is not a phone. Maybe Nike is looking ahead?

Anyway, the full name of the product, so you’ll recognize it on your credit card statement, is the Nike Men’s Soft Shell Therma-FIT Hatphone. Now, there is a women’s version, so Nike isn’t exactly discriminating—by gender, anyway.

So what do these do? How did they earn the Hatphone name? We’re still not quite sure. They do work in conjunction with the iPod nano, though. Each hat a spot to store that little DAP and a corresponding wheel control for keeping your tunes flowing the rest of this winter even though your blood isn’t.

You can get the Hatphone in red, black, or blue, or grey. A women’s hat, which sells for US$55, comes in powder blue.