Goodbye Keypad, Hello Touchscreen

Goodbye Keypad, Hello Touchscreen


Technology, as you’d expect it to, is trucking along at a very speedy pace. It wasn’t all that long ago that your cell phone didn’t have a camera, a music player, and some oddity called Bluetooth. An element to which we have grown very accustomed — the standard 3 x 4 keypad — could be on its way out, as “2007 is shaping up to be [a] breakout year for touchscreens.” You’ll notice that more people are using smartphones and PDA phones than ever before, and even “normal” phones are getting touch-sensitive displays. Heck, the upcoming Apple iPhone has a multi-touch display.

According to the report by Telecoms Korea, “manufacturers wanting to make a trendy splash with their cellular handsets” are taking the touchscreen route, with such notable names as Samsung and LG taking the touchscreen plunge. It’s not a new technology, but it has never garnered the same level of attention before (you can probably blame attribute that mostly to the iPhone).

“Consumers have been demanding handsets with easier to use input technologies and a cleaner user interface,” said IMS Research Director John Devlin. “The touchscreen is a tool that manufacturers can use to help achieve these goals.”