Featherweight Flash Drives from Transcend

Featherweight Flash Drives from Transcend


It’s not just cell phones that are getting smaller and smaller these days. It’s flash drives, too. The latest line comes from Transcend. It’s a 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB set, each of which weigh just 2 grams.

Yes, that’s tiny and lightweight, so much so that you might forget you have one in your back pocket and sit on it or something, so be careful with these, OK? You might want to use that hook for a keychain or something.

They’re a bit colorful, enough to say that they’re not boring black. They’re also rather easy to obtain despite that hole in your wallet from buying all kinds of other gadgets. Pricing is US$15.90, US$25.10, and US$48.30, respectively. All three models are available now.