ZunePhone Confirmed, Shipping by End of 2007

ZunePhone Confirmed, Shipping by End of 2007


Apple is dominating the MP3 player market with their ubiquitous iPod and they hope to get the same level of infiltration with the upcoming iPhone. Microsoft isn’t about to sit idly by, however, as word has the Redmond-based company seriously considering a ZunePhone. Luckily for us, it probably won’t bear too much of a resemblance to this ZunePhone we found earlier this month.

According to fellow gadget-lover Jason Chen of Gizmodo, “It’s almost 100% confirmed that the Zune phone is coming.” This comes not only from overhearing a conversation between Microsoft execs, but also Jason’s “own tipster.” Interestingly, it probably will not be running on Windows Mobile, instead opting for a more Zune-like or Xbox 360-like interface. It’ll probably have Live Anywhere as well, in addition to the ability to stream content from your Xbox 360.

The current ETA is late this year, giving the iPhone just a six month head start, compared to the five years the iPod has on the Zune.