What Does a $599 iPod Dock Look Like?

What Does a $599 iPod Dock Look Like?


Meet George. No, not Mr. Clooney. This is one of the most expensive iPod docking stations on the market, priced at a cool $599. But hey, it comes with a pretty high-tech remote.

Created by Chestnut Hill Sound, the GEORGE (no relation to the unsightly painting made famous by George Kostanza of Seinfeld) won MacWorld’s Best of Show award. Key features include a bandless AM/FM tuner, a multi-featured alarm system, and a USB port for future upgrades. You can adjust the level of thump by turning the bass volume knob on the back, whereas a whole slew of extra goodies can be accessed via the removeable remote control. This remote, which is about twice the size of the Apple player itself, “enhances the functionality of your iPod in several ways.”

Is this enough to justify the $599 price tag? I’ll leave that up to you decide.