Fido Offers Free Within-Network Phone Calls

Fido Offers Free Within-Network Phone Calls


Hot off the press, folks! Or rather, hot off my cell phone. I just got a text message from Fido moments ago telling me that they’re going to give me free Fido-to-Fido and Fido-to-Rogers calls. Not indefinitely, of course, but it’s nice getting a “free bonus” every so often to remind me that I’m appreciated as a customer. The text message reads as thus:

“A gift from Fido! From Feb.1 – April 30, you’ll automatically get free local calls to and from other Fido, Rogers Wireless and Rogers Home Phone customers. Enjoy!”

I’m not sure if Rogers Wireless customers got the same message. Any users out there want to put us in the know? Maybe this is their way of countering the bad press they’re getting with the jacked up early cancellation fees.