Panasonic Goes Lumix Over Compact Camera Line

Panasonic Goes Lumix Over Compact Camera Line


Unlike other companies that decide to release their products one at a time, Panasonic has decided to announce 12, yes twelve new Lumix digital cameras today. That’s a lot of picture taking.

They’re hoping to cover pretty well all the bases with these dozen shooters. On the higher end of things is the 7.2 megapixel DMC-FZ28, complete with 12x optical zoom so that you can get in real close without actually getting cozy with your subject. If you’re willing to dial it down to 3MP, you’ll get 18x optical zoom. That’s a lot of zoom for just $350. Look for it next month.

Other highlights include the DMC-FX30 (world’s smallest with 28mm wide lens); the fashionable DMC-FX10 and DMC-FX12 available in silver, pink, and blue; and the budget-minded DSC-LS70, which will sell for just $150. For a full list, complete with deets, check out the press release through the Read link below.