Hi-Res Portable Printer Requires No Ink

Hi-Res Portable Printer Requires No Ink


Who needs ink to print?

That’s the question that Zink Imaging asked-and answered—at the Demo conference in Palm Desert. The answer was no, and the method of avoiding the messy process of printing was to use heat-activated dye crystals, which turn a transparent image into a full-color, hi-res one in the blink of an eye. (If you’re thinking that sounds like Polaroid, you’re right. Zink is a spinoff of the personal camera pioneer.)

These printers are on the small side, but they’ll do the job well enough if you really want them to, and you have to like pictures no larger than 2×3. One product unveiled at Demo was a Bluetooth-capable printer. Another was a printer built into a 7-megapixel camera. Pricing on those was US$99 and US$199, respectively. They should be on the market soon.