China Skips 3G, Heads Right to 4G

China Skips 3G, Heads Right to 4G


When you’re the largest country in the world, you can afford to make your own decisions. That is exactly what China has done by jumping right to 4G, leaving 3G languishing in the labs and open markets of Japan, Europe, and North America.

China has already released its first 4G mobile phone, which was field tested way back in October. It is the vanguard of a host of products to be released as the results of the FuTURE Project, a joint effort of top companies that already have more than 200 patents. Many more 4G-enabled mobile devices are on the way.

That 4G system gets you up to 100 megabytes per second of transmission speed, which is warp speed compared to today’s 2G technologies. South Korean consumers will recognize 4G as the brains behind a Samsung rollout not long ago. The Chinese presence, by its very budget and potential, makes it the 800-pound gorilla in the 4G market.