ASUS P735 Smartphone Officially Released

ASUS P735 Smartphone Officially Released


Last week, we told you about the imminent release of the Asus P735, a 3G phone from the makers of the P535. Now, we have a release (and, we have a photo of that mysterious rear main camera).

First and foremost, the P735 is a UMTS high-speed device, which is all to the good for heavy surfers. Despite what we speculated, it does not, however, have GPS.

You can use this handy phone, though, to make video calls and to read business cards. It also gives you full multimedia playback. One feature that will certainly set this phone apart is the Remote Presenter software, which is a Bluetooth-functional PowerPoint remote control.

All of that audio, video, and static data can be stored on miniSD cards. We still don’t know the cost.