Volvo C30 hatchback to be a diesel hybrid

Volvo C30 hatchback to be a diesel hybrid


There are several schools of thought when it comes to next-generation, cleaner-burning vehicles. Some are opting for biodiesel, others are looking toward fuel cells or E85 ethanol. Well, it seems that Volvo is throwing their name into the hybrid hat, as the Swedish carmaker is planning a hybrid version of their C30 entry-level hatchback.

What’s a little different here, however, is that the internal combustion engine “never powers the wheels directly, but instead turns a generator to power an electric motor.” They’re opting for diesel over standard gasoline, and what’s more, the car may feature plug-in capabilities as well. The range on battery power alone is about 45 miles.

And this isn’t just some exercise in engineering: “Volvo is serious about bringing a hybrid C30 to showrooms.”