The ultra-lightweight Asus U1 laptop runs Vista

The ultra-lightweight Asus U1 laptop runs Vista


Of course the place that we find this super glossy, super lightweight laptop is in Seoul, Korea. Heading on over to the Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX), we find the Asus U1, a notebook that barely tips the scales at 0.8kg. How did they keep the girth to a minimum, you may ask? Well, it certainly helps that the widescreen LED display measures just 11.1-inches.

Unfortunately, there’s no dual core-ness going on under the hood, as the Asus U1 only comes equipped with an Intel Core Solo ULV U2400 processor. Great for extending the battery life, though. Other notables include an Intel 645GM+ICH7-M chipset, 512MB RAM, 40/60/80GB SATA 1.8-inch HDD, integrated VGA webcam, and Windows Vista.

Throw on some Ferrari or Lamborghini badging and I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes.