SmartShopper digitizes your grocery list

SmartShopper digitizes your grocery list


One of the more annoying aspects of grocery shopping is the constant updating of “the list,” the collection of items that you know you can’t go home without. You also seem to remember something when you can’t find the list or arrive at the store only to realize that the list is at home.

The SmartShopper solves those problems for you. It’s a handheld voice-activated listmaker that takes your words and turns them into a grocery list that stays in the device’s memory until you delete it. The items on the list are shown in the handy LCD, and you can scroll up and down the list to track whether you’ve remembered everything you were supposed to not forget.

The SmartShopper is customizable, even though it comes with almost 2,500 grocery items installed. You can also keep track of errands, like “Pick up dry cleaning” and “Pick up the pet from the puppy pantry.” You can also print each and every list, with the items collected into categories no matter what order you input them. Much less freaky to carry a piece of paper to the grocery store then a handheld computer device.

Its available now and will set you back US$150.