Motorola “DART”s into mobile content agreement

Motorola “DART”s into mobile content agreement


The exact financial terms have not been revealed, but Motorola has made a substantial “Series A” investment in DARTdevices Corporation, a company that develops “disruptive software technology for consumer devices.” The strategic venture arm of Motorola known as Motorola Ventures is the official party involved in the deal.

In addition to “disruptive software”, DARTdevices also works heavily on seamless “software distribution, versioning, security, hardware compatibility and synchronization issues typically associated with device-to-device interaction.” Most important to us on a consumer level is that the two companies will be joining forces to ease “wired and wireless distribution of applications, games and information.”

To get an idea of what DARTdevices does, head on over to the DEMO 2007 conference in Palm Desert, California, which kicks off tomorrow.