Flash drive comes loaded with Oxford Dictionary

Flash drive comes loaded with Oxford Dictionary


If they can preload games on USB drives, they can certainly preload something like the Oxford English Dictionary—which is exactly what we have with the disgo USB drive. The OED is the concise version, of course. The full version would require a slightly larger then affordable drive. That’s why we have the COED.

It’s the first time the venerable source of words has been available in digital form in such a portable way. And because it’s the concise version, there’s room on that flash drive for a grammar guide and spelling games.

You can get one of these drives for free. The only string attached is a rather large one: What you really get is a 30-day license. After that month of COED fun is up, you’ll have to pay US$29.50 to buy a security key. That’s on top of what you’ve paid for the drive already, which is US$39 for the lowest-capacity model.