ZTE D90 Fastap phone destined for North America?

ZTE D90 Fastap phone destined for North America?


Cell phones are an international affair. We get multimedia behemoths from Finland, luxury from Russia, and increasingly slim handsets from Korea. Today, we take a stroll down Ukraine way and find ourselves a new “Super 3G phone from PEOPLEnet.” The ZTE D90, with its Fastap keypad, is clearly designed with text messaging. But wait, isn’t that a Telus badge?

We spotted this MOTORAZR MAXX-looking clamshell on the FCC website, meaning that it’s already good to go for the North American market. Developed by ZTE of China, the D90 supports high-speed 1xEV-DO technology, a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front, a primary 2.0-inch TFT display, an exterior 1.0-inch LCD, 128MB internal memory, microSD expansion slot, and support for PDF and MPEG4 formats.

The word on the street is the ZTE D90 is scheduled to ship to the Ukraine in March, but no date has been set for Canada or the USA just yet. Pricing is also up in the air.