NEC offers Anti-SPIT solution for IP telephony

NEC offers Anti-SPIT solution for IP telephony


My email inbox gets bombarded with emails about free ringtones, meeting girls in my area, and helping some prince in Africa embezzle his funds. I even get random messages on my IM. The next arena for the spam artists of the world appears to be VoIP, but NEC is taking on this challenge very early on, creating what they call VoIP SEAL, an anti-spam solution for IP phones.

VoIP SEAL consists of three major features: 1) A “Turing test” determines whether an incoming call is from an actual person or from spam-generating software. 2) The mobile structure “enables rapid response to new kinds of SPIT attacks, without adjusting the system, by adding and updating modules to respond to new and different kinds of SPIT. 3) It is compatible with a broad range of applications including SIP servers, SBC, home network equipment and terminal equipment.

Anti-spam, anti-SPIT (spam over internet telephony). NEC will be showcasing VoIP SEAL at the 3GSM World Congress, so if you happen to be down Barcelona way next month, I encourage you to pay them a visit.