Clooney to road-test lithium-powered SMART car

Clooney to road-test lithium-powered SMART car


That George Clooney is one SMART guy.

The well-known actor and producer owns an electric car, and he’s being paid a lot of money to drive another one through Italy. The newest car is a lithium-powered SMART car, and Clooney’s activity is part of the PR surrounding the European release by Hybrid Technologies of their SMART lineup. He’ll drive the lithium-powered vehicle around Italy this summer and maybe even visit some other countries in it as well. And wherever he goes, you can be sure that the Hybrid Technologies PR department will be right behind.

Some other things we know: Clooney was one of the first to own a Tesla Roadster. He obviously has a passion for alternative fuels. He also has a desire to keep the paparazzi away. Not too many photographers will fit in that SMART car with him.