Cisco’s iPhone fronted by GNU Violations Project

Cisco’s iPhone fronted by GNU Violations Project


The iPhone is back in the news—the Cisco one.

The “original” iPhone issuer is accused of keeping some of its Linux-based source code in the vest pocket, which the General Public License watchdog the GNU Violations Project says is not allowed under current open source statutes. For its part, Cisco says it isn’t bound to release all that source code because some of its propietary software and, as such, not bound by GNU “rules.”

The GNU VP is a relatively new organization that was created as a watchdog on the technology industry and its sometimes restrictive protocols. In this case, the GNU VPs want Cisco to release the full suite of code for all the world to see. For obvious reasons, Cisco doesn’t want to do so. The GNU VP doesn’t exactly have legal jurisdiction, so it’s doubtless that Cisco will be made to comply.