Antimicrobial paper kills the germs, maybe humans too

Antimicrobial paper kills the germs, maybe humans too


We can certainly see this product gaining favor in hospitals and offices run by germophobes, and the like. It’s antimicrobial paper, and it’s being brought to market by a company called Domtar.

A special silver compound coats the paper, preventing it from growing bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, and even odors. Moreover, it keeps the dreaded staphylococcus aureus away, that diabolical MRSA that we’ve heard about so much lately.

You don’t need any special equipment to store or use this paper, which can sit on the shelf without festering for much, much longer than normal paper. It’s white, of course, and has a high amount of brightness, which should give you a good feeling about using it for presentations as well.

Domtar is the first company to release such “free and clear” paper on the North American market, although similar paper has been seen in offices and health care agencies in Europe and Asia for awhile now. We know that some bacteria is good, some is bad, with 99.9% of bacteria killed, it will only force new species to evolve and become stronger to overcome these paranoia-hyped products. So that simple sneeze bacteria that you might have touched and could have fought off with your own immune system, has just turned into the next plague and will kill you within hours. Take your pick.