Wi-Fi content streamer fits in your pocket

Wi-Fi content streamer fits in your pocket


Some things have obvious benefits and not-so-obvious benefits. This is one of those things.

The BluOnyx Mobile Content Server is a credit card-sized device that acts as a portable storage solution for your mobile device—any kind of mobile device, really. You can stream photos, data files, and even music and videos from PC to PDA, from iPod to Blackberry, and from laptop to mobile phone.

All of this transferring takes place via a Wi-Fi connection, which brings up the not-so-obvious part. The Mobile Content Server can function as a modem, in case your mobile phone isn’t so “smart.” Connections are available via Bluetooth and USB as well, and you also get a SD card slot for expandability.

Storage runs from 1GB up to a staggering 40GB, with pricing to match, although the high-rent 40GB will set you back just US$257. You can get one in black, blue, green, grey, pink, red, or white.

BluOnyx will take your pre-orders now, and a release date will be forthcoming.

One thing you won’t get is a screen, but then you don’t really need one, do you?