Samsung STT-D370 handheld reminds me of Chocolate

Samsung STT-D370 handheld reminds me of Chocolate


Then again, anything that comes with touch sensitive controls, a glossy black casing, and deep red lighting is going to do that to me. Where the Samsung STT-D370 wins, however, is that they’ve managed to pack just about every three letter acronym known to man into a fairly compact navigating, video playing, and entertaining device.

Let’s get started, shall we? As a Korean device, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that this handheld has got DMB for television watching on the go. There’s a retractable antenna to help you catch those Korean drama waves. Next, it is a GPS device, keeping you on the road and heading in the right direction, complete with wonderful 3D maps. The 3.7-inch TFT LCD boasts a full VGA resolution (that was a triple whammy of three-letter acronyms!). Last, but certainly not least, is it’s Bluetooth connectivity (okay, no acronym there).

Other key features include SD expansion, a removable battery, office tools, and a “high capacity battery.”