iPhone review

iPhone review


The Tech Lounge, those lucky buggers, managed to get their hands on a review unit, but it’s not the iPhone that you hoped it would be. Nope, it’s not the multitouch-tastic unit that has Steve Jobs jumping for joy. Instead, they got to fiddle with the Linksys iPhone CIT300 Dual-Mode Skype Phone. Yeah, not so sexy, and let’s not get started on the whole iPhone lawsuit fiasco.

The Tech Lounge decided that the CIT300 is a great value, considering that you can find the Skype-enabled handset for around $80-$90, including shipping. The one major hitch that you may want to consider before picking up the Linksys phone, however, is that — with SkypeOut alone — it doesn’t have the ability to receive calls from non-PC/Skype based phones. For that, you’ll need to pay an extra $38 a year for SkypeIn (which includes voicemail). On the plus side, you get excellent range, a good design, and fantastic call quality. The negative is that your computer has to be on to make and receive calls.

In short, the reviewer said that he couldn’t “really find any major faults with it for what it’s designed to do.” And it’s not designed to be a widescreen iPod.