Hybrid motorcycle concepts from eCycle and Machineart

Hybrid motorcycle concepts from eCycle and Machineart


It’s not just a mode of transportation. It’s machine art. Or rather, Machineart, a company that has collaborated with eCycle, Inc. to produce three hybrid motorcycle concepts designed to evoke “lightness and the image of an advanced vehicle.”

Operating much like the hybrid cars that seem to be all the rage these days (although slowly getting overshadowed by fuel cell and other “alternative” vehicles), these three hybrid motorcycle concepts get their power from a combination of a small displacement gasoline or diesel engine and an electric motor. The former is used for cruising and charging the batteries, whereas the latter is there to address torque demands (acceleration, etc.). The 0-60mph time is estimated at six seconds with a top speed of 80mph. Where they really shine, though, is in fuel economy with a claimed rating of 150mpg.

They didn’t go out on a limb naming the motorcycles. The eC1 has an early 60s feel to it for running about town, the eC2 has more of a “sportbike flavor”, and the eC3 is the beefiest of the set, tossing in wind protection, side cases, and an integrated tail rack. All three designs are meant to be light, tipping the scales at about 220 lbs.