Fuel cell fire fighter from DaimlerChrysler

Fuel cell fire fighter from DaimlerChrysler


Hybrids are gaining in popularity among the general public as they can offer just as much power as a conventional vehicle, while cutting significant costs in terms of gas and environment impact. Where DaimlerChrysler is focusing their attention, however, is in fuel cells. They have the largest fuel cell fleet in the world, and they have just added one more: a fuel cell-powered fire fighter vehicle.

Now, they’re not quite ready to replace the huge fire truck with the ladder and hosing and all that. Fuel cells aren’t quite that far along yet. Instead, the announcement today was to unveil a supervisor vehicle in the Sacramento area that will be powered by fuel cells. More specifically, it is a lightly modified Mercedes-Benz F-Cell. It’s got all the usual bells and whistles of a fire fighter vehicle, with decals, lights, sirens, and “a healthy coat of bright red paint.” Refueling will be at BP Energy hydrogen stations.

Top speed is rated at 85mph, range at 100 miles, and the electric motor at 88hp. It’s no speedster, though, with a zero to 60mph time of 16 seconds. Talk about rapid response.