A whole novel of nothing but SMS

A whole novel of nothing but SMS


It’s not 1,000 pages, rather, 1,000 text messages. Yes, an entire novel that is nothing but SMS has been published in Finland.

This isn’t just rambling SMS, mind you. It all has a point. They’re all connected, in some form or fashion. The Last Messages is the name of the book, by Hannu Luntiala (who also happens to own a company that maintains personal information databases). It’s the story of an IT worker from Finland (where else?) who resigns and hits the road, traveling through Europe and India and telling his friends and family that he’s still alive and not gone off the deep end by sending them SMS messages.

Those 1,000 messages that make up this—well—novel are not one-way traffic. They are the sent and received messages of the main character. True to SMS form, they contain common abbreviations and are, in some cases, filled with grammatical errors for added realism.

For now, this book is available only in Finnish. The publishing house is exploring publishing the 332-page book in other languages.