A Jet-setters’ charging station

A Jet-setters’ charging station


This isn’t for everyone, but if you have the money, you might as well charge your portable electronic devices in style. It’s the Mahogany Charging Station, and you can use it to charge up to four devices at once.

This is a very elegant device, one that sort of hides the fact that you’ve really plugged devices into cords for recharging. Mobile phone, MP3 player, PDA—doesn’t matter, as long as it fits in one of the four slots. The power strip (which is a surge protector as well) is hidden inside the wooden case, and the cords rest out the back, out of sight. You even have drawers to store other desk-related items.

The Charging Station is made of cherry, with a mahogany finish. It’s available from Frontgate, for US$149.