Mitusbishi to produce lithium-ion batteries for hybrids

Mitusbishi to produce lithium-ion batteries for hybrids


Mitsubishi is going into overdrive on lithium ion batteries. Their aim to rev up production of car batteries to meet what is expected to be heavy demand for power sources for plug-in hybrids. The company joins Nissan and NEC in what could become a crowded market.

It’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, to be exact, and it has built this kind of battery before, for household power units. Car batteries are a somewhat different thing.

For one, they are somewhat cost-prohibitive, despite all the buzz that has recently surrounded lithium ion, including a fuel efficiency greater than nickel metal hydride, currently it’s the darling of the hybrid market.

The technology is still dependent on the kind of storage constraints found in laptop batteries, which have been known to do things like spark and explode. Those seem to be hurdles that can be overcome, though, especially in the three years before Mitsubishi Heavy says that this mass production is scheduled to begin.