LG gives birth to video-playing, DMB-loving triplets

LG gives birth to video-playing, DMB-loving triplets


Congratulations LG! You are now the proud parents of three new additions to your handheld video-watching family, all of which have been blessed with touchscreens. Welcome the FM37, FM33, and T50.

As their model numbers suggest, the FM37 and FM33 align themselves with the FM35 portable DMB TV device that was announced some time back. The FM37 is the bigger brother with its 2.4-inch TFT LCD, being made available as a 249,000 KRW (US$264) two gigabyte version and as a 299,000 KRW (US$318) four gigabyte version. The FM33, by comparison, is physically smaller with its 1.77-inch TFT LCD, and it will be sold in three sizes: 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB for 149,000 KRW ($158), 179,000 KRW ($190), and 239,000 KRW ($254), respectively.

The odd one out of the three is the T50, which will come be priced at 189,000 KRW ($200) and 249,000 KRW ($264) for the 1GB and 2GB variants.