Holden Efigy concept car harkens back to a time when…

Holden Efigy concept car harkens back to a time when…


Let’s go back. Back to before I was born. Back to when you pulled up to diners where the servers would literally roll up to you on rollerskates and take your order. Back to when you went to the drive-in theater with your honey and snuggled up in your hot rod. Now take that beauty of a retro vehicle, complete with all those smooth curves and extended hood, and fill ‘er up with a series of modern conveniences and you’ve got yourself the Holden EFIJY.

As you may or may not know, Holden is the Australian arm of General Motors, but something about this car screams all-American to me. I’m not so sure about the “Efijy” name they gave this concept. The only time that I’ve ever used the term “effigy” is in the context of a mob burning a stuffed dummy meant to represent an oppressive leader or something like that. And I don’t want them to burn this car. It’s a beaut (and it’s no dummy).

The era that this coupe represents is a little before my time, but I can certainly see my dad falling in love with it.