Ford Edge plug-in hybrid concept does 41mpg

Ford Edge plug-in hybrid concept does 41mpg


That HySeries Drive concept that was making the rounds at the Detroit Auto Show has been unleashed on the public in the form of the Ford Edge, launching the venerable American automaker firmly into the plug-in electric market.

The new vehicle, running on a flexible powertrain, can guarantee up to 41mpg with no emissions. The innovative HySeries Drive uses a combination of gas engine, diesel engine, and fuel cell to achieve that rather remarkable mpg figure, which increases to 80 if you don’t top 50 miles a day and, in the best cases, 400 miles between fill-ups.

The new-wave part of all of this is the plug-in capability, which is the overnight option for recharging the onboard battery: Just plug it into any old wall outlet in your garage, and the power level begins to creep back up. The on-the-go version is the hydrogen fuel cell, which switches on when the battery is down to 40 percent, recharging while you drive. The hydrogen tank is 350 bars, or 4.5 kg of usable hydrogen.

That rechargeable battery is a lithium ion one, of course, which remains expensive, as does the hydrogen technology. The Edge remains a concept, but Ford hopes to turn it into a working reality very soon.

Editors Note: This is great for Ford of course, but the costs will be passed on to consumers, and will it save them money in the long run? I wouldn’t count on it. Sure it will take a miniscule percentage of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, and in the grand scheme of things have little to no effect on the global climate. But it is a start, not a revolutionary one (like the days of the EV1), but it is a start. Once I see triple digit fuel consumption competitions between manufacturers I will get excited. How about you?