Vodafone to build presence in Second Life

Vodafone to build presence in Second Life


Next month, the totally absorbing virtual experience known as Second Life will have a new yet recognizable element known as Vodafone Island. That’s right, the mobile phone company is joining the Grid. You the user can get a virtual handset, with which you can virtually chat or SMS with all your Second Life acquaintances.

All of this takes place in cyberspace, of course, where no one can hear you scream about roaming charges.

If you’re a Second Life citizen, you’ll probably love the idea that you can use a virtual handset, just like you would in the real world. If you’re someone who would encourage people to “get a life,” you might see this Vodafone Island development as proof that computers are taking over the world.

No word yet, by the way, what the fees will be for visiting Vodafone Island, virtual or otherwise.