Swatch watch design is full of hot air

Swatch watch design is full of hot air


We’ve come across quite a few nifty watches, from those that display the time in binary code to ones that can actually complete a Bluetooth-ified cell phone call on your behalf. This time-keeper isn’t exactly a technological wonder, but the Swatch Air Tube Watch fits perfectly among our increasing need for minimalist designs and fashionable colors.

Instead of a standard strap, the Air Tube Watch, as its name suggests, uses an air tube not unlike those you “find in most bicycle pumps.” The one-line digital display is no wider than the air tube, giving this watch the appearance of a bracelet. It’s “very sleek”, “ultra simple”, and “trend setting”, just like the rest of Swatch’s lineup.

Te Swatch Air Tube Watch by Laurence Dawes probably has no official relationship with the Swiss watchmaker itself, but I hope they pick up on it (as does Mr. Dawes, I’m sure).