PSP to get ports from GBA, DS, PC, and Wii?

PSP to get ports from GBA, DS, PC, and Wii?


One of the bigger knocks against the PlayStation Portable is that it doesn’t get very much in terms of original games, being left with rehashed versions of games that have been available for the PlayStation 2 home console for quite some time. Tekken Dark Resurrection is basically Tekken 5 with a few extra bells and whistles, for example. Now that the PlayStation 2 is on its way out and the PlayStation 3 is on its way in, where is the PSP going to derive its library from? Apparently from the most unlikely of sources: Nintendo portables.

Not directly, per se, but there’s a good chance that Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS ports of even older games — classics like the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Tactics — are going to be re-ported, so to speak, to the Sony handheld gamer. In fact, even Riviera, an RPG developed for the GBA, is going to get jazzed up on the PSP.

And it doesn’t stop there. Asphalt Urban GT 2 from the Nintendo DS is apparently going PSP way as well, though I can’t imagine why I’d want that over Initial D: Street Stage or — better yet — a port of Gran Turismo 4. There’s even word that they may be certain Wii/PSP games (like Alien Syndrome). Your computer isn’t immune either as Gish for the PC is said to be PSP-bound as well.

So much for original games…