Playskool targets tots with DAPs, MP3

Playskool targets tots with DAPs, MP3


A friend of mine likes to say, “Start ’em young.” She’s usually referring to playing sports, so kids don’t get wedded to gadgets and gizmos that keep them indoors all day. Perhaps this is just the ticket to bridge that divide.

Playskool, a name that should be familiar to multiple generations of kids and grown-up kids, has bounced into the MP3 player market, in conjunction with Creative, with a line of DAPs for babies.

First up for your consideration is the Infant Gym, which is a combination ceiling mobile and MP3 player. The DAP comes loaded with a handful of baby-friendly tunes, but you can also load up your own, including recording of your own voice.

Another baby- and parent-friendly item is the Day To Dream Soother, that is sort of the same idea except that it projects lights on the ceiling while playing music from the separate DAP.

You can get just the DAP if you want to, for US$80. The Infant Gym will go for US$40, and the Soother will have a price tag of US$35. All will be available in the fall.

Both of these products seem destined to accustom your very young children to listen to music, perhaps in conjunction with pretty things to attract their attention to the ceiling. We can no doubt assume that they will then grow up accustomed to listening to music and will then buy personal MP3 players, which they will then take out into the world, divorcing them from the sit-at-home frenzy that their non-music-listening friends are suffering at the hands of PSP, Xbox, and Wii.

What we really want to see is a tri-product retro set for those of us who are missing the ’70s, one that comes with disco songs preloaded onto a DAP, a disco ball to hang from the ceiling, and a pair of bell bottom jeans—for the proper listening attire, of course.