Nursebots to be on duty by 2010

Nursebots to be on duty by 2010


A group of scientists who have full backing of the EU are working full speed ahead on creating robot nurses that do basic hospital tasks, as early as 2010. These basic tasks, according to the scientists, could be as mundane as mopping floors to as selective as escorting visitors to hospital beds. The robots themselves will have sensors and cameras, so they don’t run into one another.

An overall network would coordinate the movements and tasks of such robots, so their skills and availability are deployed to maximum efficiency.

One clear advantage of having robots do tasks like this is that it frees hospital staff up to do other important tasks. Another hidden advantage is that robots are not susceptible to diseases and wouldn’t miss work unless they themselves malfunctioned.

Sound like science fiction? It’s not, really. The “nursebots” will be a reality soon. Remember, this project has serious money behind it. And the robots won’t be doing surgery, after all. They might be advanced enough, however, to take your temperature.