More support for cell phone induced tumors

More support for cell phone induced tumors


Yup, it’s back in the news again. We’ve heard evidence that cell phones cause cancer, and then they don’t, and now they do again. According to “an international team of researchers”, new evidence suggests that “long-term use of a mobile phone may lead to the development of a brain tumor on the side of the head the phone is used.”

A study, spanning five European countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the UK), found a nearly 40% increase in a particular type of brain tumor (gliomas) among people who have used a cell phone for ten or more years. This paper will be published in the International Journal of Cancer. Based on this study, it is prolonged or extended use that could cause problems, rather than short-term acute exposure. The same can be said about taking X-rays, for example, where infrequent low-intensity exposure causes very minimal damage, if any.

Of course, in this day and age, there is no such thing as infrequent exposure to a cell phone. What’s even scarier is a headline in the London Times that read “Could These Be the Cigarettes of the 21st Century?…’Absolutely’.”

“Table for two? Will that be cell phone or non-cell phone?”