Buffalo unveils beefy wireless booster

Buffalo unveils beefy wireless booster


WiFi networks can be a touchy business and it’s quite the pain in the you know what when your signal cuts out unexpectedly. Buffalo has created a much more meaty wireless solution with their all new external WLAN adapter. This is more than just a little stubby antenna, folks. The AirStation WLI-U2-SG54HP plugs into the USB port of your chosen laptop (or desktop) computer, and then you can proceed to make use of those suction cups to erect it on the back of your monitor.

By upping the ante so much in terms of size, Buffalo has also significantly increased its performance. In fact, they’re claiming that you’ll see a “boost” in your wireless connection of up to 210% and an expansion of your range to up to 170 meters. Security comes by way of WEP 64/128, WPA-PSK, and IPv6.

Measuring 220 x 25 x 10mm and weighing 33 grams, the Buffalo AirStation WLI-U2-SG54HP wireless adapter is expected to retail for about 30 Euros (US$39).