British Open bans mobiles on course

British Open bans mobiles on course


If you think trying to watch a movie while someone’s mobile phone is ringing, try hitting a golf ball. Granted, it’s much easier to sit in a crowded theater than it is to make a living playing golf, but the irritation is nothing compared to the stakes involved.

Seems the ringing of mobiles and yapping of users was so irritating at the British Golf Open in 2006, many players complained, and low and behold, this year’s event will tolerate no mobiles of any kind on the grounds while play is in progress. Organizers say that spectators will undergo security checks before they enter the grounds, but we have to wonder of the bureaucracy involved and how many people it will take to enforce such a blanket policy. After all, golf courses are notoriously open to the public, and even the most private of courses can’t keep everyone out and can’t screen everyone for mobile phone abuse. Maybe the message is enough?

Bottom line: The players are angry. If you are one of those who likes to hear your mobile ring while Tiger or Phil is about to strike ball, remember that they have access to a lot of blunt objects and they’re very good with their aim.