Top Tech of the week – 01.19.2007

Top Tech of the week – 01.19.2007


It’s a hangover week for the hardcore tech fan. CES is over. The iPhone is old news, and it’s still a long time away from arriving on shelves. The Detroit Auto Show cars are all back in the garage. I hardly know what to do with myself. When times like this come along, the best thing you can do is distract yourself from the hangover. On New Year’s day you watch football to distract your brain from the fact that you really shouldn’t have had that third bottle of champagne. Today, what we can do is look at the best new technology of the last week. It won’t make us forget entirely about everything we had last week that is gone now, but at least it will help. Here, then, is this week’s Top Tech:

iCache – Most of you out there probably have a wallet that is overflowing with credit cards, gift cards and all those other pieces of plastic that seem to breed in your wallet. The iCache could be the answer. You register all of your cards online, and then the reader is able to store all of the information onto the device and it can print the information onto the reusable card when you want to buy something. That one card is like a Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Starbucks card all in one. The device is protected with biometrics for extra security.

LG KE850 – The iPhone got so much attention that it probably made you sick. The LG KE850? Barely a peep. That really doesn’t make much sense given that the KE850 is also a phone with a full sized touch screen instead of a keypad, a camera on the back, and a look that is very familiar. We don’t know the rest of the specs of the LG phone yet, so we don’t know just how similar it is to the iPhone, but this is undeniable proof of the power of marketing.

Nokia concept phone
– Think that the single touchscreen of the LG KE850 or the iPhone is pretty cool? Of course you do. Well, how cool would two touchscreens be? The Achieve concept is a dual screen folding phone that appears to be ridiculously powerful. It’s just Nokia’s vision of the future, so it isn’t even in a prototype form yet, but if this is the way that Nokia os thinking then the future seems bright.

Tag Heuer phone watch – Tag Heuer watches are cool. Mobile phones are cool. It only makes sense, then, that a Tag Heuer watch that is also a mobile phone would be more than a little cool. Tag has shown off the first pictures of their upcoming watch phones. Not that much is known, though we can assume some things – it will likely have Bluetooth, for example, because you’d look silly talking into your watch. You never leave home without your watch, so if this works it seems like a perfectly logical solution. However battery life could make or break this thing.

Taser Cam – Being Tasered is probably not a whole lot of fun. Tasering someone, on the other hand, is probably strangely thrilling in a guilty sort of way. If you did Taser someone, and you did find it thrilling, then you would probably like to see it again and again. Enter the Taser Cam. It’s a camera that attaches to the handle of a Taser so that you can record what you see before and during the Tasering. It’ll make sure that the Tasers are used responsibly and that abuses are reported. Sick fun + increased responsibility = a good thing.