Welcome the invasion: Graphics-hungry Alienware m5790 Area-51 laptop

Welcome the invasion: Graphics-hungry Alienware m5790 Area-51 laptop


What’s this, a “special” laptop from Alienware that doesn’t come with an ultra bold design, flaring colors and blinking lights? The new m5790 Area-51 Special Edition laptop looks more like a Dell than an Alienware offering, but it’s what’s under the hood of this high-powered machine that makes it deserve that Alienware badge. Designed not only for mobile gamers, but also “PC enthusiasts” and “professionals”, the m5790 boasts a 17-inch widescreen display capable of displaying 1080p, dual hard drives with a combined capacity of 400GB, an overclocked Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and “advanced mobile graphics technology compliments of AMD.” I guess, technically, they mean ATi, but who’s counting.

What part of that spec list caught your interest? Was it the dual hard drives? Or maybe it was that mention of 1080p? That’s because this supposedly high-end laptop in a not-so-high-end kind of casing has also got a Blu-ray optical disc drive to let you enjoy HD movies on the go. Naturally, it’ll have no problem running Vista either.

The base model starts at $1,299, but I’d expect the better equipped renditions to cost just a little more. Sarcasm intended.