Underwater photography with fin-esse

Underwater photography with fin-esse


Want to try out a new camera underwater? Why not go shooting whale sharks? That’s what Karin Brussaard did.

The noted underwater photographer was on a diving safari in the Maldives Islands with the express purpose of observing the massive water beasts, and she took the Olympus E-330 DSLR along for the ride. She certainly appreciated the Live View function on the 2.5-inch screen and the Zuiko Digital 7-14mm lens, which brought out color and definition in even the murkiest of waters. Brussaard made full use of the 114-degree lens functionality.

Essential to her success was the polycarbonate PT-E02 underwater case, which can, thanks to its double O-ring construction, keep water out as deep as 60 meters.

Brussaard enjoyed all these things, was thrilled with the camera and lens and case, and came back with some up close and personal photos of the giant whale sharks.

How did the camera perform? Check out the photos and decide for yourself via the Read link below.